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   More than 60 Years of Roasting Fine Coffee   

Established in 2019, We are a leading wholesale coffee trading company in the UAE specializing in sourcing and distributing premium coffee beans from Italy. Focusing on quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, we import and distribute the renowned Italian coffee brand Città d'Italia, ensuring the highest standards from farm to cup.

We built our model on trust and communication. With a strong entrepreneurial culture and an eye for value, We make trading comfortable and profitable.


Our Vision is to become a leader in coffee trading in the UAE and the region with a reputation for the highest quality.


Our Mission is to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction through efficient delivery, flexibility, competitive pricing, and consistency. We are committed to promoting fair trade practices, environmental stewardship, and innovation in the coffee industry.


Integrity: Embracing ethical, transparent, and high standards of conduct.
Quality: Commitment to excellence and innovation.
Passion: Excitement and determination for the work being done.

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